Hi All,

First let me introduce myself – I’m Chris, a 30-something British wannabe Indie Dev. I’ve spent 10 years selling and marketing games for Virgin and GAME, before moving into sports coaching, however I’ve always wanted to try my hand at making my own game. This website and blog will attempt to share the experience with whoever has stumbled across it, and it’ll also contain a host of critiques and reviews of games I’ve played over the year. After all what better way to hone your own game design and development than looking at other people’s and taking what you like, and changing what you don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about straight up taking but rather a skill I use as a sports coach… being a parasite! Often I’ll see a good coach or teacher and think ‘wow I really like what they’re doing there. How have they managed to get that coaching point across so well. I’ll have to make sure I try that and see if it works for me’ or often ‘Oh boy, I wouldn’t have done that. No, not at all, I’ll make sure I don’t do that, but instead try it this way.’ I’m not sure if this is a skill, or just a natural ability, but never the less it’s one I’m going to transfer over to game development. So that’s why the website will contain a review section.

I don’t really have a background in Game Development, other than as an external game tester for various developers and as a database researcher on the Football Manager franchise between 2009-2014. Yet that shouldn’t be a barrier – after all it’s not as if I had a background in teaching or coaching before I took an interest in it and went about learning how to do it as a job! The only difference here is that this will be a hobby, something I do in my spare time and something I want to share with those who are also interested. Computer games are the escape!

If you’ve been following my twitter (@MrLuchador) you’ll probably have seen that for the last 2 years or so I’ve been saying “… is the year I will make & release a game”. Well, I haven’t released a game as of yet (24th November 2016), however I am closing then I was before. Or, at least I’ve finally put together a website and a wordpress blog for myself. You might notice the website and layout changes over the course of time, and this will probably be a result of me getting used to how this wordpress layout works!

So thanks for stopping by and reading, and I hope you enjoy the journey and thoughts I share along the way.


Chris (aka Mr. Luchador)

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