LuchaLabs is an indie game development project hosted by Chris (aka Mr. Luchador). It’s the home of all his attempts to make and release a game. It’s also the home of critiques and reviews of games he’s played along the way to help him better understand the nature of game design and development – taking the good, and avoiding the bad. So expect to find information on Chris’ attempts at making games, information on the different engines and programs he’s attempted to use along the way. And, perhaps one day, a game to download and play from LuchaLabs!


Game Development

Luchalabs have been in Game Development since 2015, it’s currently a one person project ran by Chris. There are currently games in the design process, with some rough internal playbox builds in development.

In terms of game engines, Luchalabs are currently gaining experience with GameMaker Studio, GameMaker Studio 2 & RPG Maker MV. Other programs used include & Spriter (free version), for graphic and pixel design; Sony Acid Music Studio & Sound Forge for SFX and music.

Game Critiques and Reviews

The critiques and reviews you find on are, naturally, my own personal opinion. I try to be as fair as I can with both any criticism or praise a game receives, and I’ll always try to explain my reasoning why I like or dislike something.

All critiques and reviews will follow a similar opening format, which will include the game’s title; the platforms it’s available on; the platform it was played; date of release (Early Access & Full Release); Date I purchased it and at what price. If a game is received as a gift, I will make this clear to all BEFORE anyone starts to read the main text of the critique and review (similar for any Youtube critiques and review videos).

I will NOT provide a score, or a ranking, as I don’t wish for anything I print to contribute to any metascore service. I find the influence and importance a metascore rating has gained over the years within the games industry frightening. Furthermore reviews are subjective by nature, so it seems a little pointless giving it a score. Hopefully, I can write in such a way you can come to your own conclusion if a game is worth buying or not (and at what price).

Systems Used

To help with clarity below you can find the systems used during game critiques and reviews, as well as during game development.


OS: Windows10 Home 64-bit
CPU: Intel i5-3450@3.10
GPU: GTX 760 (4GB)
Controller: Xbox 360 for Windows (Controller)